How Can the Youth be a Part of this Giving Campaign?

Take the 28-day challenge

Commit to praying through the prayer guide included in the campaign packet your parents got.

Come to D-Groups and Sunday School

Learn how Jesus taught his disciples.


This doesn’t necessarily mean going without food. Give up a daily hobby, activity, past-time, or luxury once a week, and spend that time praying instead.

Think of ways to give

Whether it’s money you’ve earned or money you are given as allowance, give up something yourself. For example, $10 a month for three years equals $300. If ten youth made this pledge, it would total $3,000 toward Future Grace. You could take fewer trips to Starbucks, or maybe you don’t buy that video game you saved up for. Whatever it is, make it a personal sacrifice, big or small.

Give sacrificially

There will be two opportunities to give to the Future Grace. On September 23, families will bring an initial cash offering and will turn in pledge cards that indicate a three-year commitment to continue giving toward Future Grace. You can use this green card to record your personal pledge. Share it with your parents so they can include it in your family’s total pledge.

Download PDF Flyer