What is the Future Grace Giving Campaign?
Future Grace Phase Three: Continuing the Good Work to the Glory of God is a three-year giving plan to provide funds for the Phase 3 building expansion. The campaign includes a four-week season from August 26–September 23 of prayer, information, and decision-making leading to a cash offering and a three-year pledge to be given on September 23.

How will the money given to the campaign be used?
All money given to Future Grace will be used for the construction of the Phase 3 building expansion and the repayment of principle on any debt incurred associated with the building project.

Why, and why now, are we building?
The elders and the congregation have together affirmed that building space is needed to effectively continue our mission of building spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world. There are many factors related to the growth of the church, the growth of our city, our financial situation, and our mission that lead us to believe that now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity before us to build.

Are buildings really necessary for our mission?
We believe that God uses our material resources to accomplish his purposes in the world. Our bodies, money, time, energy and talents are given to him for his glory and the good of others. The ministry of a local congregation uses material and physical resources to provide space for worship and discipleship.

How does Grace Community Church view the issue of debt?
The leadership of Grace believes that some types of debt are acceptable, and that bank financing can be a tool for accomplishing good goals. Similar to a personal home mortgage, congregations like ours can wisely and responsibly incur debt when there is a clear and realistic plan for debt repayment and the debt does not hinder our ability to do ministry by putting undue strain on our budget. In light of these principles, we believe debt is acceptable for this building project. The Future Grace giving campaign is designed to raise money in order to reduce the amount of debt incurred for building construction.

Why am I being asked to give a cash offering and make a three-year pledge?
The cash offering and the three-year pledge are both important to Future Grace. The cash offering will allow us to begin construction while reducing early interest payments. The three-year pledge allows you to give more over time and reduces the amount we will need to borrow.

Can I give an offering to Future Grace after the September 23 Commitment Sunday?
Yes. Grace will receive gifts to Future Grace until the loan is completely paid off. All gifts to Future Grace will pay down principle on the loan.

Can I designate part of my tithe or regular giving to Future Grace?
We encourage you to give over and above your regular giving to Grace. The regular Sunday offering at Grace supports the operating and ministry budget and should take priority over other giving to Grace.

Will my giving be kept confidential?
Yes. Only the people authorized and required to record your gift will know what you give, and they will not share it with anyone. The pastor, elders, and church staff will not know what you give.

How do I involve my children in Future Grace?
Your children can learn about money, giving, and discipleship. Include them in the entire Future Grace process and in the Household Decision Time. Al- low them to give their own gift to Future Grace.

Can I give to Future Grace if I am not a member of Grace?
Yes. We do, however, encourage Christians to become members of a local congregation. If you are not a member of Grace, please join us for the next New Member Class.

I cannot give at this time. What should I do?
The greatest contribution anyone makes to Grace is to be a faithful church member. Pray for the mission, purity, and unity of Grace. When you can give, do so. Be at peace.

Who can I contact to discuss Future Grace?
If you would like to discuss any issue related to Future Grace, please contact the Director of Staff and Ministries, Brad Leake, at bleake@gccnashville.org or at 615-377-8997.