Giving Campaign

Campaign Giving Principles

Keep these guiding principles in mind as you consider your participation in the Future Grace giving campaign.

  • Our giving can be done willingly and with joy, not manipulated or motivated by the need to earn favor.
  • Giving is an act of discipleship and stewardship and can be learned and practiced over a lifetime.
  • Giving is to the vision of the future. It deepens our commitment to the mission of the church. It is an act of love and service.
  • Giving enlarges our lives and our relationships with others. Giving meets current needs and provides for future gospel ministry.
  • Everyone can give something, but not everyone will give the same. Every member and regular attender can participate in Future Grace through prayer, engagement, and giving.
  • All giving matters. Every gift will make an impact. People who give a small amount are not to be embarrassed. Those who give large amounts are not to be favored or spotlighted.
  • The Future Grace offering and pledge are both important and needed. The Commitment Sunday offering will help us raise initial funds for the building construction and reduce the amount we will finance. This will reduce interest payments. The three-year pledge will increase the amount you will be able to contribute by spreading your giving over time.
  • Your gift to Future Grace should be over and above your regular giving to the church. The regular Sunday offering at Grace supports the operating and ministry budget and should take priority over other giving to Grace.
  • The Future Grace offering and pledge should not lead to your indebtedness. Please do not take out a loan, leave bills unpaid, or delay payments to your obligations in order to contribute to Future Grace.

How Do I Participate in Future Grace?


Pray for the ministry of Grace and for this giving campaign. The Future Grace Prayer Guide will lead you through four weeks of prayer. Use this guide in your personal praying and with others in prayer groups.


Review this Future Grace brochure more than once so you will understand the vision, mission, opportunity, and plan behind this building expansion and giving campaign.


Attend the Sunday services, Community Group prayer meetings, adult discipleship studies, and Q&A sessions listed on the campaign schedule. Ask questions and learn more during this season. We encourage participation in Future Grace by all members and regular attenders of Grace.


On September 23, plan to give to a cash offering and make a three-year pledge to Future Grace.

How Do I Decide What to Give?

The discipleship component in giving includes the faith-building process of discerning what you believe the Lord is calling you to give. This discernment process will be of great benefit to you. The result of knowing that you are being obedient will bring you great joy. Ask the Lord for spiritual growth in your life and in our congregation through this process.

  • Pray every day during the Future Grace campaign season. Use the Future Grace Prayer Guide. Don’t focus exclusively on the amount you will give and pledge. Pray for God’s glory and the work of Grace.
  • Focus on what you believe God wants you to give. The principle to follow is, “everyone participating, not everyone giving the same thing.” Don’t compare yourself with others. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressure to give just because you are being asked to give. Give thought to what you believe God is calling you to do and keep yourself open to him leading you to give differently than you first expected.
  • Plan to give sacrificially and in a way that expresses faith that God will provide.
  • Plan to give over and above your regular giving to Grace. The regular Sunday offering at Grace supports the operating and ministry budget and should take priority over other giving to Grace.
  • Plan to give and pledge an amount that is realistic and that will not cause you
    to go into debt. Pledge to give what you believe God will provide and what you believe you can accomplish.
  • Look for ways to increase income, reduce expenses and debt, and make funds available to give.
  • During the week of September 17–22, hold your Household Decision Time (see guide on page 18). You can do this as a single person or with your family. You may even do this with a friend.
  • Plan to give in two ways on Commitment Sunday, September 23. First, plan to give an offering in cash. Second, plan to make a three-year pledge. The combination of these two gifts will make up our total Future Grace amount.
  • After you have prayed and used your best judgment, trust God and make a decision. Resolve to keep it. Rejoice! Whatever you do in faith and obedience is a reason for joy.

Your Household Decision Time

  • During the week of September 17–22, set aside a specific time to decide how you will participate in the Future Grace offering and pledge.
  • Gather your family together or meet with a friend.
  • Review this Future Grace brochure and spend time in prayer for the mission and ministries of our church, the opportunity we have before us, and the plans to give and to build.
  • Let each person share how the Lord has worked in their life during this campaign season.
  • Agree upon what you will give as an offering and what you will pledge to give over the next three years. Record this on the pledge card that you will bring with you to church on September 23.
  • Close in prayer asking the Lord for grace to give with joy. Do something to celebrate the grace of God and this opportunity to give.