Our Plan to Provide

The Building

Phase 1 of our master plan was completed in 2005. This phase included our chapel and the adjacent children’s ministry wing, and the renovation of what is now the Great Commission room. Phase 2 of our master plan was completed in 2009. The Discipleship building with adult and children’s classrooms was built in this phase. Now we plan to complete Phase 3 of the master plan. This phase will include…

…a new room for our Sunday worship service with a seating capacity of 885.  This will allow for fewer worship services in the short term, and room for new comers in the future.

…expanded space for children and youth. The Children’s Ministry will gain up to 10 new classrooms by re-purposing existing space (9,561 square feet). The Youth Ministry will gain space in the new building (4,314 square feet).

…congregating spaces for conversation and connection throughout the new building, including a new Gathering Hall and outdoor courtyard.

…mixed-use space for Sunday and weekday events, classes, meals, and other gatherings in both the existing chapel and in the new building. A new kitchen will be added.

…new space for the weekday ministry of the staff and church leadership for meetings, planning, counseling, and discipleship.

The Cost and the Funding

The cost of the Phase 3 building expansion is approximately $11 million. This cost includes construction, furnishings and equipment, and fees. The funding for the Phase 3 building expansion will come from current savings, gifts to the Future Grace giving campaign, and bank financing.

The Future Grace Giving Campaign

Future Grace Phase Three: Continuing the Good Work to the Glory of God is a three-year giving plan to provide funds for the Phase 3 building expansion. The campaign begins on August 26 and includes a four-week season of prayer, information, and decision-making leading to a cash offering and a three-year pledge to be given on September 23. On this Commitment Sunday you will be asked to make a cash gift and also to pledge the amount you plan to give over the next three years.